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About us

We are a devote order of knights.

We have one goal,to search for the word of creation.

If you see this message you are now a member of the worlds newest secret order.

Please fall into your rank as noted on this main page.

Please read all info regarding the order and contact or make friends with any rank member.

This order is the only fully internet based secret society.

Your destany lies here, as we welcome you.

Our laws

1). Every member must say the mantra ‘’For we are many’’ when meeting with each other, and say this mantra when you leave a conversation.

2). All members must report directly to the rank given when joining and report directly to the department head to await orders.

3). You must never speak behind another members back as it may result in exile.

4). Honor must be made and kept onsite as this is one of our major rules.

5). No member may speak ill of our gospel, if found doing this the member will be exiled.

6). A contribution must be made in the form of help to the society regarding contacts-networking-new members via invites-or other.

7). Every member must report to your rank head,as our ranking system must be this way.

8). All members must create a group onsite to help the society grow and let us know about you.

9). All info must stay onsite and if you wish to invite you must contact your rank head first.

10). All members must contribute to the society by adding a gospel verse in the gospel group,this will be added to the gospel website.


As there was man there was woman.
As there was human there was animal.
As there is unity there are one.
We are the one we are the unity.

The voice has spoken and it is time to unite as the unfied and world order of mankind.
The time has come for all to unite in the order of the life and create the world we all deserve.

We are the children of mankind and the children of the universal word of creation.
I am a knight of templar old and the teacher of those devoted to give mankind the grace needed.
As self is one,as self we are,devotion shall be our word as this is the word of creation.

We are the ones of soul and the ones of spirit with all faiths combined towards one goal.
We are the human society and the bringers of univeral knowledge.
The ones of soul and unity.
They shall mock us.
They will stop us.
We shall carry on with our faith in the unified word.
Our home is here and here it shall be.

This starts here at this time this is written and the word of creation shall be given to the world.
We are not a nwo but the unity of the  universal understandings.

And the brotherhood of man and woman combined.

As the teacher i am the gospel of knights illuminarii, i shall teach all as everyone who is part of the gospel shall be the teachers of the future come.

As we stand as we fall we are still the ones of creation and creation is us.

Novus the land of spirtual illuminati shall be salvation to those who worship the gospel.
Dark knights will be the ones who protect the gospel and all its creation.
The dragonaris shall guard the gospel from all who destroy.
Please add your accounts of your gospel in the gospel of Legion and become history.

We are the ones of soul.
We are the ones of honor.
We are the ones of many.
We are the words of creation.

You are the future,you are creation of our future,you are you.

Knights illuminarii.